Thursday, February 09, 2006

Garnet Twist Necklace

I love this necklace! It's made with about 20' of sterling silver wire, tumbled garnet stone chips and Swarovski crystal. It is so pretty! Click on the pictures for close ups!


Anonymous said...

How organic yet refined! It looks like it belongs around the neck of a fairy goddess!

Michelle said...

I love what you have done here.
I work in Sterling and Semi precious stones as well and have made a website for myself and family (art filled family) Check it out.
I was caught by your work then began to laugh as I read your background. I am from Vancouver Island, a Scorpio and a at home mom of 3. I just moved to Queen Charlotte Islands but Van Isl. is still where we call home. I would love to figure out how you made this necklace it is fabulous.


Cristine said...

Thank you both!

Michelle, the necklace is many strands of twisted wire.The garnets and crystal are individualy twisted onto the wire, then once I have a few strands done I twist all those together.
Funny how we have so much in common! It's a small world...

Claire said...

Cristine, this is truly beautiful! My jewellery is mainly metalsmithing in sterling silver, but this has made me want to experiment with stones! I hope your business has success - your designs are lovely and very different. They have a real elegance yet very modern feel. Inspiring!