Saturday, September 09, 2006

Egyptian Coil Necklace

Since making the bracelet I decided I needed to try a necklace! This one is not quite finished yet, but I wanted to take some before and after pictures.


"Angeldust" said...

Hello Cristine,
I linked over from Quasar - I am in WHite Rock!

You have some really cool pieces here! Each and every one of them soooo unique.

I have always recycled my older jewellery, but like yourself - minus kids - have turned into the design and sale of my piecesjust a few months ago.
Slow start as other things also take up my attention.

Swamped with beads at the moment, screaming to come to life...

You will find that our styles are very different. Vive la diferance!!!

I love for you to take a look at my site - when you get a minute: - my pics are not nearly as good as yours but, you'll get the idea.

So nice to have found you.
All the best to you!

"Angeldust" said...

I just went back to your Dec. 28 posting - we have "similar interests".

Altough I use little or no silver, and mostly glass with some semi-precious stones...

Have you taken any "classes"? - as if this could be actually taught!

Cristine said...

Hello neighbour! I had a look at your jewelry, it's really pretty and the different properties of stones and colours is really interesting. I also looked at some of your water colour painting, I really like them! Keep up your good work, I wish you the best!

Nina Kuriloff said...

Fantastic jewelry!