Thursday, May 31, 2007

My Website Is Up!

It has taken a long time, but it is finally up and running. There is still quite a list of things I need to do, but chances are once I take something off the top of the list something else will be added to the bottom. I think a website is an entity all it's own that requires constant attention! If you have any ideas or suggestions for my site just drop me an email.
Also, this site is running on a new framework that my DH built; in the future (we're beta testing now) we will be offering sites with hosting. If you might be interested in something like that shoot me an email


Jen said...

Hi there!

I've randomly found your jewelry from the Etsy site, and I am very amazed! Your pieces are very beautiful, and your website looks great!

I see you're from Vancouver Island too, there's something inspiring in the island air!

I look forward to seeing new pieces you create


Cristine said...

Jen, thank you for your kind words!