Saturday, May 03, 2008


Sterling wave cuff bracelet.

Handmade sterling chain with beautiful kyanite and keshi pearls.


CKeener said...

Love your bracelet. Is it done with a combo of wire and art clay silver? On your ring, is that your own metal work? You instructions on the eqyption bracelet are great. I've seen them listed for $50 - $189, but I want to make my own. Do you do this full time? Thanks...

Marie Cristine said...

Thank you! It's all sterling, I haven't played around with art clay yet. :) Yes the metal on work the ring is done by me, each one is made one at a time so no two are the same. I don't do this full time, I have (almost) 6 year old twins, so they take up a lot of my time.
Thanks for your comments!

ivana said...

hi marie!
i am Ivana from Macedonia and i am also jewelry designer
i love ur work
this is my blo if u want to visit
keep in touch Ivana