Monday, October 02, 2006

A few things I made this week.

Sterling silver, black tourmaline and a pretty geen stone that starts with a C but for the life of me I can't remember the name!

Sterling silver, amethyst, rose quartz, peridot and a few other goodies make up this pretty bracelet.

Oxidized sterling silver earrings.

Hammered and oxidized sterling silver hoop earrings.

Three strand garnet and sterling silver bracelet

Sterling silver and garnets.

Sterling silver wire wrapped tear drop earrings.


thebeadfactor said...

Love your blog, I ofter keep an eye on your inspirational designs-from fellow twin mon, and fellow blogger

Cristine said...

Hello Jen! Congratulations on your little ones and good luck with your beading adventure!

Kameela Abdul-Maajid said...

Hi Christine,

I discovered your site a few months ago and it has amazed me how you progress and the wonderful designs you create. You are an inspiration to me. Also a stay at home Mum with a one yr old and another due December 23rd.

I discovered jewelry-making during my first pregnancy and took two introductry class in wirewrapping. I have discovered so much via the net and am interested in like yourself have this become a career for me. I love creating. need to put more time into it though. The little one seems to eat up all my time.

How long have you been doing this? Do you have any advice for a beginner?

I am located in Jamaica and right now there is a lot of shopping going on for the upcoming holiday season. Another jewelry esigner who does a line every fall for the last 15 years wants me to be a guest designer for her. I am not great but I do a little bit. Do you have email? I will send some pics to you. well I am looking for advice on how to do this guest thing professionally and effectively. anything you can share would be greatly appreciated.

One last question, did you take classes? What type and where/

Thanks for your time and enjoy both your babies and your work.



Cristine said...

Thank you Kameela. It's nice to hear from another busy Mom! I have just started a silver smith class, but other then that I am self taught. I have messed around with making jewelry off and on since I was a young kid, but became serious about it a year ago. It's been fun seeing how my work has progressed, and I can't wait to see what I'll be doing in another year or two!

I would love to see some pictures of your work, you can email me or you can check out some of these jewelry forums I frequent. There is a lot of great information and helpful people on these forums. You should be able to get some good advice about your upcoming guest artist gig.