Thursday, October 19, 2006

A post for Becky!

Here are all the earrings I have in stock, (Click on the picture for closeup) if you see something you might like let me know and I can take a better picture, tell you the size, price or what-have-you, I just didn't have time to take nice pictures of each pair. :)


Anonymous said...

hi cris! sorry it's taken me so long to respond, we've had birthday parties and the flu keeping me really busy! Anyway, I really like the round earrings that have the top wire wrapped, 2nd from the bottom of all the pics shown, on the left hand side. More info on them would be great. Hope you're well! Becky

Cristine said...

No problem! Things have been pretty busy around here too.
Those earrings are about 2" long from the top of the ear wire and about an 1" wide. They are made from sterling silver wire, with a lightly hammered finish, then oxidized. They are $25.00.

Mark said...

hey Cris, I'll take those earrings! I really like them. Mark says the balance is then $155.00.
Hope you guys have a great Halloween, what are your kids dressing up as? Jacob is a pirate,Emily is a fairy princess.
Take care!

Cristine said...

Ok sounds good! Cheque is in the mail! The kids were dressed up as a kitty and a puppy, nice warm costums! hehehe